Our Team

Dr Clarence Ho

Adaptive Chiropractic founder Clarence Ho holds a Masters of Clinical Chiropractic. After being introduced to the health benefits of chiropractic at a young age following an injury, Clarence decided to pursue it as his life’s work.

Clarence is a leading chiropractor based Melbourne, and is passionate about wellbeing and preventative care. He treats a wide range of people from infants to senior adults to elite athletes. Specialised in spine related treatments, Clarence also assists patients with pregnancy related pain, migraines and depleted energy.


Dr Marthin (Micky) Mikkelsen, BSc, BChiroSc

When it comes to health he has always been intrigued by the power of the human body to heal itself.

Dr Micky is very passionate about supporting the body by moving often, nurturing positive thinking and keeping a highly functioning body through chiropractic. Clean and healthy foods are also very important to him. His approach detects areas of poor health, which are then balanced and continually tweaked to increase energy in daily life.

Dr Micky is dedicated to helping people from all walks of life. From those who just want to get out of pain to move and sleep better, to those who are looking to direct their life onto a healthier path, so they can have more energy to do what they love


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